• Rosemount Home is a really caring family home where each and every resident is cared for and loved by all the staff. Nothing is a bother to the girls and not forgetting Ian. Lots of activities and entertainment are a weekly feature and the residents have just been introduced to a theme night once a month which they love. I know this all to be true as my Mum in Law has been a resident for over 3 years.

    Maureen Ridgely

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  • If you are looking for somewhere for a loved one please take a look here.

    My mam lives here and she’s well looked after, it’s clean and they have fantastic staff. Me and my sister have no worries, she has family on the outside but all people here are her family too.

    Joan Bainbridge Hume

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  • It has been two years since my mam went into Rosemount Care Home. We have found the home warmly and the atmosphere is very welcoming. We have also found that the management and staff are very pleasant and hard working but also find time to make you feel very welcome.

    In the home I have found even the menus are very good and they have a different choice every day. I have stayed a few times for lunch and I have found it very nice.

    You will find that they have activities nearly every day and different people going in to entertain the residents and it is very enjoyable and you can see that the residents enjoy it.

    I would recommend Rosemount to anyone who is wanting the best care for a relative

    Janet Hanson

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  • When entering Rosemount you may be apprehensive but are quickly settled and accept the good points of Rosemount.

    Carers are there to help and aid you yet not take over your life.

    There are day time activities such as dominoes, board games, quizzes and exercises. If it is appropriate Residents can be taken out i.e. into Consett and kept in touch with the community.
    Visitors are encouraged and are welcomed by both Residents and Staff.

    Vi Buchan & K. Barrett